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Wing Finger

'Wing Finger' is a Faction Paradox story: the Faction is a fictional time-traveling cult/rebel group/organized crime syndicate. The family/organization were originally featured as recurring antagonists in the BBC Dr Who 'Eighth Doctor Adventures' Novels, but have since featured in their own continuing tales. This story is from the second volume of Faction Paradox short stories, edited by British Fantasy Society Award nominee Jay Eales.

Here is an extract...


London, Friday, May 4th


Dear Fanny,


I bear you no ill-will, sister, for your lack of faith in my enterprise. No doubt your nursery, your poultry and your dairy leave you little leisure for reflection upon the more serious matters of life. A less charitable man than I would bear no grudge.


I likewise forgive the aspersions you have cast upon my honour. The Grand Duke is a man of science, as am I: the demands of Natural Philosophy transcend any dispute about mere borders or matters of sovereignty. I may deplore the support the Grand Duke gives to Napoleon: but I hold it as immaterial in the higher pursuit of human knowledge. As for your choice of word—irresponsibility!—used in describing my decision (in the face of this remarkable God-given opportunity to view the specimen) to travel across Europe during this time of war: I remind you only that there are some things that override the demands of personal safety.