Published Work

Even the secular afterlife created for humanity by the Secret Architects has its limits – and there will always be those Citizens who chafe against those limits.  Environmentally, culturally, biologically, cosmologically, politically, experientially, some will always seek to go further.

Here you'll find zombies, extraterrestrials, vampires, shape shifters, and more than a few ghosts. Travel        from 19th c. England to the present and future, on a package tour led by your favorite Elm Books authors!
Burning with Optimism's Flames is the second volume of Faction Paradox short stories, edited by British Fantasy Society Award nominee Jay Eales. Read more here...
  • Highbury, a short story in Tales of the City, edited by Philip Purser-Hallard.

    Beyond the end of the universe exists a city the size of a galaxy, packed with every human being that ever lived, from the first Australopithecus to the last posthuman. Read more here...

Work in Progress
  • A Cut May Heal (novella)

    The scissors are blacksmith worked, crude and blackened, nothing like any other pair in the village. But they’ve always hung there at the door of the old house. Were they forged there, back when the building was a smithy? What is their connection to Cornwall’s pagan past? Through three hundred years of history they have watched over the women who live at Treagove – and where the scissors are, justice seems to follow.

  • Abduction (novel)

A mentally unbalanced man abducts his own children, holding them captive in a remote mountain cabin. In the meantime his guilt-ridden therapist, terrified that it is her misjudgment that is to blame, desperately searches for clues to where he might have gone.

  • The Waters at Meribah (novel)

Seduced by her love of all things British, a young, female, American priest becomes the vicar of a quaint village church in rural England: but the cultural divide between her and her parishioners is harder to bridge than she’d expected. Read more here...

  • Shock (novel)

Experiencing a major earthquake in the Los Angeles basin would be traumatic for anyone, but the shock is compounded for British woman Gina when it coincides with a crisis in the thirteen-year marriage to her husband Conrad. Read more here...

  • A Philosophical Understanding (novel)
If Jane Austen had ever written science fiction, A Philosophical Understanding is what she might have written. Read more here...


My one serious foray into poetry, for my sister's wedding.

This short piece was the result of a meme: a group of friends were writing descriptions of imaginary cities. I was rather pleased with the way this one came out.

  • Surefish Articles
A long-running series of articles about the experiences of an expatriate Brit living in the US, published at Surefish.co.uk

            "Weak in Intellect" (Discover Your Ancestors Magazine issue 3, November 2014)
            "Place in Focus" feature on Cornwall (Discover Your Ancestors Bookazine issue 2, February 2013).

Family History

"How to Charm a Wart" is an idiosyncratic history of Cornwall, blending legend, fact and anecdote. Read more here...