Proofreading - $25/hour
Editing and proofreading - $30/hour

I can accept payment by PayPal (this is usually easiest, especially when there are tight deadlines involved) or check.

I usually require a turnaround time of at least a week, depending on the length of the project. Rates for faster turnarounds (if, for example, you have a rapidly approaching deadline) can be negotiated.

My usual practice with new clients is to do one hour of work on the project and then contact you with an estimated cost of completing the whole project. I will then invoice you for half the estimated cost of completing the project, and as soon as I have received payment I will continue working on the rest. If, however, at this point you decide you do not want me to complete the project, all you will owe me is for one hour's work.

Once I have completed the project I will invoice you for the balance of hours worked, based on the actual time (not the estimate) I spend on your project.

Please note that the length of time I spend on your project will also depend on the result you want. For most academic purposes (dissertations, readying a paper for submission to a journal) a single pass of your manuscript is sufficient. If, however, absolute accuracy is important (if, say, you were self-publishing a piece of work) then a second pass will be needed, which will obviously lead to increased costs.